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Boerne Gymnastics Center's Girls Team Program is a well-established, highly competitive program that has produced some of the state's most highly recognized gymnasts while maintaining a caring, personalized, safe and friendly environment. We select athletes from our preschool and recreational programs who have demonstrated a natural aptitude for the sport and place them into a developmental program designed to prepare them for competition. Once the skills for Level 4, the first competitive level for girls, have been mastered, the athlete progresses to our competitive team and represents Boerne Gymnastics Center at competitive meets around the state, region, and nation.

Girls Team Levels 1,2 & 3

Girls Team Levels 4, 5, 6 & 7
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Boerne Gymnastics Center is proud of the accomplishments of our competitive Boys program. Not only has the program grown by leaps and bounds, but it has also demonstrated that we can compete with the best. Last season our boy's team took many of the top places. Our boys also qualified to compete at regionals. Our competitive program teaches not only good gymnastics techniques, but many other beneficial values for young men. We strive to obtain disciplined, honest and respectful, as well as, helpful and knowledgeable team members. We believe that self-motivation is the best motivation and strive for our gymnasts to set realistic goals. Gymnasts who display excellent work habits and a special drive for gymnastics are invited to try our competitive program.


Boys Team
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This new sport to America is as pleasing to watch as it is to perform. Gymnasts use a large bank of skills including tumbling, flexibility and balancing. Routines are made up of static and tempo skills. Pyramids of up to four people high are constructed. Different modes of competition include, women's pair, men's pair, mixed pair, women's trio and men's four. GBC is the training center of State, Regional and National Champions and is a National Team Training Center.


Acrobatic Gymnastics Team
Acrobatic Gymnastics Pre-Team
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