2018 Camps & Summer Sessions


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Acrobatic Gymnastics Camp

Coaches: Rumen & Rodostina Lachkov
Former Bulgarian National Team Members 
World & National Champions

Acrobatics Gymnastics is the hottest new sport for boys and girls. Learn tumbling plus partnering lifts and tempo skills. Great camp for dancers, cheerleaders, skaters, and anyone who needs partner skills. Grouped by age and ability. Learn about the sport and how to do it from the best in the world. BGC is the training center for U.S.A. Gymnastics Jr. Olympic National Team members and World Champions.  Summer camp is one of the main events for the selection of new athletes for Team and Pre-Team for the next season.

Acro Day Camp                                            7 years old & up
Monday - Friday                                        10:00 am - 3:00 pm
June 18 - 22                                                Demo on Friday

                                         $210 per week

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Boys Gymnastics Camp

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Try our one week Boys Gymnastics Camp that will take you to new levels in tumbling and trampoline plus fitness and movement basics that will make any athlete better. This camp will introduce you to gymnastics training techniques that will carry over to any other sport. Flexibility, timing, air sense, strength, and more taught in a safety first program. All boys Olympic events including rings, pommel horse, high bar, parallel bars, vault, and  floor will be taught.

 Boys Gymnastics Camp               7 years & Up
 Monday -Friday                           10:00 am - 3:00 pm
June 18 - 22                                     Demo on Friday
                                                                                                                           $210 per week

Circus Arts Camp

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Lets Circus Arts Camp introduce you to the world of circus performers! Campers will experience training on Single Trapeze, Tight Wire, Trampoline, Rolling Globe, Unicycle, Tumbling, Roman Rings, Stunting, Stilts, Juggling, Clowning, Makeup, Costumes, Circus History, Special Guests and more. Learn team work as you put together your act for the end of camp show. Bring your cameras!

Jr. Circus Art Day Camp                 5-year olds & up
Monday - Friday                                       10:00 am - 3:00 pm
July 9 - 13                                        Show Friday at 2:00 pm


Sr. Circus Art Day Camp                  7 year olds & up
Monday - Friday                                         9:00 am - 4:00 pm
July 16 - July 20 (Skills Only)
July 23 - July 27 (Show on Fri at 4:00 pm)  

 $280 for 1st week            $300 for 2nd week
$550 for both weeks

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Girls Gymnastics Camp

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width="192" height="256"> In Girls Gymnastics Camp learn all the different events for girls in gymnastics. Floor, Balance Beam, Uneven Bars, and Vault will be the core events. Girls will be divided by age and ability. They will also try other gymnastics events for girls including Tumbling for Cheerleading and  Acrobatics.

 Girls Gymnastics Camp             6 year old & up
 Monday - Friday                           10:00 am - 3:00 pm
June 18 - 22                                      Demo on Friday

                                  $210 per week

Super Fun Combination Day Camp
Super Fun Day Camp will give boys and girls a week to try out all the different fun activities at Boerne Gymnastics Center. They will experience tumbling and all gymnastics events, including trampoline. They will try acrobatics and a variety of circus arts - from trapeze to juggling. Top off the camp with indoor climbing and arts and crafts activities. Don't forget the "just for fun" games. Grouped by age and ability.

Super Fun Day Camps                                      5 years & up
Monday - Friday                                        10:00 am - 3:00 pm
June 11 - 15
July 30 - Aug 3

                      $190 per week 10% off each additional week

Ninja Warrior Challenge

Ninja Warrior Challenge Camp is coming to Boerne Gymnastics Center!  We are excited to offer a safe, fun, and encouraging environment where children can be challenged and empowered to build their ninja skills. 

“Ninja Warrior Training Camp” is an obstacle course based program similar to America Ninja Warriors as seen on TV. Boys and girls age 7 - 14 can get fit Ninja style! They will navigate challenging obstacle courses of climbing, swinging, balancing and jumping that will improve their coordination, balance, flexibility, core strength, agility and overall athleticism.  Each day will include some traditional gymnastics apparatus, as well as many other pieces of equipment, such as the climbing wall, spotting blocks, wedges, cargo net, etc. Students will be encouraged to beat their personal best when traveling through timed obstacle courses. Our goal is to improve each individual’s overall fitness and athleticism.

Outside of the enormous popularity of it right now, it’s simply a fun and beneficial way to develop motor skills, balance, coordination and strength. Signup now.

Ninja Warrior Challenge Camp                                   7 - 14 yrs.

Monday - Friday                                                                 10:00 am -  3:00 PM

Aug 6 - 10  Challenge #1

Aug 13 - 17 Challenge #2                                            




Summer Sessions Gymnastics Classes

Two 5 Week Sessions

                        Session 1       June 11 - July 13
                        Session 2      July 16 - August 17

Boys & Girls Recreational Gymnastics (Ages 5 - 18 years) Preschool Gymnastics (Ages 3 - 5 years old)
Parents & Tots (Walking - 3 year old)
Tumbling & Trampoline (Ages 7 - 22 years)


  • Safety Certified Staff

  • Back Ground Checked Staff

  • All Olympic Gymnastic Events                        National Team Training Center

  • Parents' Observation Areas                               Small Classes

  • Tumbling/Trampoline

  • Special Preschool Gym

  • Indoor Climbing Wall

  • Pro Shop: Leotards Etc.

  • Birthday Parties: Gymnastics & Climbing

  • Parents Night Out & Sleepovers

  • Field Trips & Group Rates

Call (830) 816-9496 for prices, class times & registration forms